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Register your Wine-R cooling unit

WR25 model

Two-year limited warranty

This warranty gives consumers specific legal rights. The period of warranty is 2 years from the date of purchase mentioned on the original invoice. This limited warranty covers only the replacement with an equivalent product according to the conditions set out below.

Important note: This limited warranty is only valid in Canada or the United States and does apply only when the device from which the warranty originated has been registered with Wine-R.

Terms of use

  • This warranty does not apply if:

    1. The device has not been kept running since its installation.
    2. The unit has not been maintained or installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
    3. The information you provided when registering your warranty is incomplete.
    4. Applicable codes and instructions are not followed correctly.
    5. The installer has not operated the unit at the correct voltage/power.
    6. The unit is damaged by shipping, transportation, installation, fire, or water.
    7. Losses due to cooling unit failure are not covered by this warranty.
  • This warranty applies if:

    1. The consumer has proof of purchase since the warranty only applies to original purchasers with warranty registration at Wine-R.
    2. The unit is operated and maintained in accordance with the instructions specified in this manual.
    3. One or more parts of the unit are defective. Where applicable, Wine-R will cover labor costs if the repair is carried out by a technician certified by Wine-R.
    4. An identical part is no longer available due to a change in law, regulation, or standards; accordingly, the part will be replaced with one of similar functionality.
    5. The claim of defect is made in writing within 15 days to the authorized dealer or directly through Wine-R.
Warranty registration form

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